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Crossmember Crosses
 Rewards Program

Crossmember Crosses Rewards Program offers a
10% Commission Reward Credit on each referral purchase.

When a previous Crossmember Crosses customer refers  someone to our website and they make a purchase, a 10% Commission Reward Credit will be earned on a future cross purchase. The person that was referred will receive a 5% Discount Refund on their purchase.

Referral Instructions:  Have the person you referred type your email address in the Message Box at the bottom of their shopping cart check out page or they can email your address.

Crossmember Crosses then records each 10% Commission Reward Credit with the referrers email address off line.

Note: Crossmember Crosses does not share email addresses.

Crossmember Crosses then will contact the email address of the referrer their 10% Commission Reward Credit Balance.

Ordering: When the previous customer that has the Commission Reward Credit Balance is ready to make a purchase, they will email their cross order with the additional 10% discount Code  CC10 that each customer receives on the Discount Code Postcard sent with each order.

Crossmember Crosses  will then email  a online shopping cart with the Commission Reward Credit Total  Balance deducted from the total amount of the order and the additional 10% discount.

Note:  The 10% Discount Code can only be used once per order. No expiration date.

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